Welcome to the official website of SOUNDSTREAM!

Ann Pazyura

Lead vocalist

DJ FatCat

keyboardist / arranger

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Welcome to the official website of SOUNDSTREAM band!

SOUNDSTREAM is an Ukrainian music band, which plays electronic music, manily Dancecore/Hands Up. The band is the author of such hits as Feels Like Heaven, See Me Now, Could I Feel Thjis Way Forever, Story Of My Life, One More Time, Music Takes Control and others.

SOUNDSTREAM is active since 2008, and since then it attracts the attention of many electronic music fans due to its original sound, which can't be confused with anytning else: the band combined in its music the best features of Eurodance style, which was popular in the 90's, and popular  nowadays Dancecore/Hands Up, thereby erasing the boundaries between the two styles. That's why the band got its audience among today's youth as well as among the 90's generation.

The essential attributes of SOUNDSTREAM's music are: rap-verses/MC-shouts, piano melodies and energetic synth leads. The band's songs are aired on different radiostations and also often featured in DJ mixes. The band is in the Top-10 of the best amateur electronic music bands of Ukraine, according to ShowBiza portal, and also #1 band according to Singaporean portal Music412. SOUNDSTREAM is always looking for new ideas and always glad to give new songs to its fans.



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