Resurrection (2014)

01. Music Takes Control
02. We Are Alive
03. Feel It
04. 3 A.M.
05. One nation
06. To The Stars
07. Say Yeah!
08. Future's In Your Hands
09. World Of Freedom
10. Back In Time
11. Life Can Never be The Same
12. No Surrender


One More Time (2011)

01. One More Time
02. Hold On Me
03. You Came
04. Summertime
05. Only You (feat. Kate Lesing)
06. I Believe (feat. MC Yama)
07. Away
08. Shake It
09. Can't Get Enough
10. SOUNDSTREAM Plays 4 U!
11. One More Time (Power Dance Mix)
12. I Believe (feat. MC Yama) (Party Mix)
13. Only You (feat. Kate Lesing) (Summer Mix)
14. One More Time (Tunerz Inc. Remix)

Dancefloor Generation (2010)

01. Story Of My Life (Original Version)
02. Never-Land (feat. Kate Lesing) (Original Version)
03. Beat Goes On
04. Don't Wanna Stop 2010 (Hard Club Mix)
05. Love Is Paradise (feat. Puma)
06. Are You Ready?
07. Running (feat. Kate Lesing) (Original Version)
08. Pump Da Bass
09. Temptation (feat. Kate Lesing)
10. I Feel You
11. Fly Away
12. Clubland
13. Never-Land (feat. Kate Lesing) (Club Mix)
14. Running (feat. Kate Lesing) (Energy Mix)
15. Story Of My Life (90's Dancefloor Mix)
16. Story Of My Life (Future Mix)
17. Story Of My Life (D-Base FL Mix)

Midnight Hour (2009)

01. Midnight Hour (Intro)
02. Yesterday Becomes Tomorrow (feat. Kate Lesing)
03. Planet Beats & Bass (feat. Kate Lesing)
04. Feel The Rhythm (feat. Moro & Kate Lesing)
05. Energy
06. Better Way (feat. Kate Lesing) (New Version)
07. One By One (feat. Kate Lesing)
08. Don’t Wanna Stop
09. Yesterday Becomes Tomorrow (feat. Kate Lesing) (Extended DJ Mix)
10. Planet Beats & Bass (feat. Kate Lesing) (ClubbStyle FM Mix)
11. Midnight Hour (Outro)

Partytime (2009)

01. Intro
02. Do You Feel My Love (feat. Kate Lesing)
03. Everlasting (feat. Kate Lesing)
04. The Night
05. Out Of Your Love (feat. Kate Lesing)
06. Partytime
07. Could I Feel This Way Forever (feat. MC Yama & Kate Lesing)
08. Wanna Feel What You Feel
09. If I Could Be You (feat. Kate Lesing)
10. Get Into Trance
11. You Do (feat. Kate Lesing)
12. Feels Like Heaven (2009 Edit)

Number One (2008-2009)

01. See Me Now (feat. Kate Lesing)
02. Feels Like Heaven
03. Save You (feat. Kate Lesing)
04. Rainy Day (Dancecore Version)
05. 4 Ever & 1 Night (feat. Kate Lesing)
06. All The Answers Gone (feat. Kate Lesing)
07. Better Way (feat. Kate Lesing) (Album Version)
08. Don't Let Me Go
09. Not Enough
10. Afterparty
11. Rainy Day (Original Version)
12. Save You (feat. Kate Lesing) (Dream Radio Edit)
13. Feels Like Heaven (D-Base Remix)
14. See Me Now (feat. Kate Lesing) (Club Mix)
15. Save You (feat. Kate Lesing) (New Bass Club Mix)
16. Feels Like Heaven (feat. MC Yama) (D-Base Drinkmix)


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